International Conference on Internet

■ Dissertation information

- "Design of Authoring Tool for Dynamic Projection Mapping onto Multiple Bodies"

- 2018 ICONI, 2018 12. 17 - 19

- Sang-Joon Kim, Yoo-Joo Choi

■ Bakground of research

- With the development of augmented reality technology, it has been widely used in various fields and is being provided to users in various forms.

- Among them, there is growing interest in projection mapping which is multiple users can experience virtual content at the same time without wearing equipment.

- Recently, the interest is increasing in dynamic projection mapping that projects on moving objects rather than static projection mapping for motionless objects.

- To produce dynamic projection contents, there are the following problems.

- First, the calibration of your projector and the camera is cumbersome.

- The second is if the distance is far from the projector and the camera or the device which keeps track of the movement, the error will be increasing. 

- The third is that unlike static projection mappings that can produce content using commercially available authoring tools such as ‘Resolume’ and ‘Virtual Mapper’, users must develop content themselves through complex programming tasks.

■ Research goal

- In this paper, the goal is to design authoring tool and implement a prototype for the projection mapping content without programming.

- First, homographic-based camera projector calibration which does not require complex camera projector calibration. 

- Second, data structures that allow us to track the skeletons of a single user or multiple users moving in real time and to map various images or videos to the body of the tracked user.

- And the third is a method which selects the proper homography for each joint depth each time the user's distance changes in order to reduce projection mapping errors.


■ Conclusion

- In this paper,  we proposed an software tool for dynamic projection mapping based on skeleton tracking of multiple users.

- Using the proposed tool, any users can implement dynamic projection mapping content without the difficult programming work. 

■ Future Research

- Design  the robust skeleton  tracking  even though the user turns around.

- Design the robust camera-projector calibration which can overcome the distortion on the border of the projection space